Abdelrahman, Electrical Engineer

Abdelrahman Ayad is an electrical engineer, currently pursuing his master studies in electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He obtained his Bachelor degree from faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt in 2016.

Abdelrahman’s passion for engineering began when he joined a Robotics team in high school, while he was an exchange student in the US in 2008. He enjoyed building the electrical parts and controlling the robot to perform difficult tasks.  Upon returning to Egypt, he committed to follow his love for Robotics by starting a team in his school to teach younger students about Robotics and programming. He later became an active member in his college Robotics team “M.I.A”, where he participated in various competitions.

During his undergraduate summer breaks, Abdelrahman had the opportunity to work as engineering intern in prestigious companies such as P&G and BMW. In summer 2015, he was able to join the Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany for a research internship in the Informatics Department, working on Reachability Analysis, which is novel approach to guarantee the safety of complex systems. He continued working on Reachability Analysis, with application on Power Systems stability for his Bachelor Thesis, dually supervised by TUM and Alexandria University.

Following his research internship experience, he decided to continue his graduate studies in electrical engineering, to keep fulfilling his desire of learning and working on state of the art research projects. He was presented with multiple offers to obtain the Master degree, but his final decision was to pursue his studies at the University of Waterloo Canada, globally recognized as a leading university in engineering sciences.

Abdelrahman actively engages in the field of Robotics, by participating in Robotics competitions or following online courses. He also enjoys learning about various subjects and tries to keep updated in many fields not related to his studies. His wide range of interests includes economics, social psychology and machine learning. He tries to keep a dynamic life style by playing different sports regularly such as football, swimming and tennis.