Bashar, Aerospace Engineer

I was 15 years old when I attended the Space Day Event at The National Center for the Distinguished in Homs, Syria. A PhD holder from NASA started lecturing about the International Space Station and NASA’s plans to get to Mars. I knew at that point what I wanted to do with my life, it was aerospace science. Now I’m in my 4th year at Illinois Tech studying aerospace engineering, getting closer to my dream day by day. My 4th year is the most exciting period so far since I was able to be part of a team doing research for NASA at my school. I am also part of team project named Icarus which is designing the next generation of personal aerial vehicles. We won the 1st place in the Innovation Showcase Competition at Illinois Tech. Working on what you love is a great thing, you can put all your passion and energy into it, and obtain the greatest results. I follow a simple rule; work hard, dream big, and you will always smile.”

By Bashar Alisber