Omar, Biomedical Engineer

Omar Alhaj Ibrahim is currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) pursuing Biomedical Engineering with a medical imaging specialization as well as a premedical studies minor. Omar is originally from Damascus, Syria where he grew up until attending IIT in Spring 2013. He graduated with honors from Little Village School in Damascus in 2012 with a Syrian Baccalaureate diploma. Omar is passionate about the field of medicine and the rapid advancements of technology supporting the field. Omar spent this summer doing molecular imaging research at the Medical Imaging Research Center in Chicago funded by the prestigious program for undergraduate research at IIT. Outside of the classroom, Omar is a resident adviser at IIT, and is an active member of various student organizations including Habitat for Humanity, MEDLIFE, and SHPE-IIT. After attending IIT for a year and a half, Omar received the Leadership Academy Scholarship, a full tuition scholarship awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential and commitment to service.