Raja, Mechanical Engineer

Raja Nicola Obeid was born in 1991 in Damascus, Syria. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Damascus University, earning a bachelor’s degree with honours in 2013. In his last two years in his program, he focussed on renewable energy. At his university, he was always there for his peers assisting them in their studies.

He soon after started to learn German in preparation for his move to Germany.  Eng. Obeid Moved in 2014 to Germany to pursue higher education specializing in Renewable Energy. Besides his studies, Eng. Obeid is interested in poetry. He also is an athlete; he practiced karate and basketball in his country. Back in Syria, volunteered at charities for people with special needs. His community involvement did not stop with his move to Germany; he continued his volunteer work there where he helps refugees.  Raja could be reached via email at obeed.raja91@hotmail.com .