AlThuraya MENA Program (2016-present):

We are excited to launch our latest program, AlThuraya MENA Program, which was put together for the purpose of developing the region by cultivating the passion and expertise of those committed to making it better. We have therefore identified six areas of potential development as follows:

  1. Genetic Science, Bioinformatics, or Biotechnology
  2. Public Health and Health Administration
  3. Education
  4. Computer Science and Telecommunications
  5. Energy
  6. Water and Agriculture

Scholarships will be given out to those wanting to further pursue their studies (Masters’) within these fields at partner universities. For more information click on program page from the drop-down menu (under programs).   


Shobokshi Program (2003-present):

Since 2003, this program is open to students across the Middle East to pursue higher education in science and technical fields. Past students have pursued degrees in Australia, Germany, and the U.S. . Check our Student Profiles page to look into some of our past and current students’ achievements.