Abdelrahman, Electrical Engineer

Abdelrahman Ayad is an electrical engineer, currently pursuing his master studies in electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He obtained his Bachelor degree from faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt in 2016. Abdelrahman’s passion for engineering began when he joined a Robotics team in high school, while he was an exchange student in […]

Zaher, Software Engineer

Zaher Joukhadar is Research Fellow at Microsoft Research Center for Social Natural User Interfaces (Social NUI). Zaher has a master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Melbourne (2013), and a bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Natural Languages Processing) from the University of Aleppo (2010). At Microsoft Social NUI, Zaher is […]

Elias, Web Application Engineer

Elias Yousef is a Web Applications Software Engineer and a native of Syria. He started coding at the age of 11. He is passionate about different technologies and how the internet works, which is the reason behind choosing to take up telecommunications in his undergraduate studies, as to complement and enrich his coding interests. He attended the […]

Raja, Mechanical Engineer

Raja Nicola Obeid was born in 1991 in Damascus, Syria. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Damascus University, earning a bachelor’s degree with honours in 2013. In his last two years in his program, he focussed on renewable energy. At his university, he was always there for his peers assisting them in their studies. He soon after started […]

Omar, Biomedical Engineer

Omar Alhaj Ibrahim is currently a 3rd year undergraduate student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) pursuing Biomedical Engineering with a medical imaging specialization as well as a premedical studies minor. Omar is originally from Damascus, Syria where he grew up until attending IIT in Spring 2013. He graduated with honors from Little Village […]

Muzaffar, Civil/Structural Engineer

Muzaffar Al Zoubi is a passionate and an extremely energetic person who has a vision of thinking big and living large. Muzaffar is a native of Syria; he moved to the United States in 2013 to be able to finish his degree. Since, he successfully earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from […]

Bashar, Aerospace Engineer

I was 15 years old when I attended the Space Day Event at The National Center for the Distinguished in Homs, Syria. A PhD holder from NASA started lecturing about the International Space Station and NASA’s plans to get to Mars. I knew at that point what I wanted to do with my life, it […]

Kenan, Architect

I am Kenan Alkuwatly, 26 years old. Before 2011, I attended Damascus University to study architecture. My fascination with architecture started at an early age, my passion about the old city of Damascus and its  traditional Damascene houses made me realize the true value of the history of Arabic and Islamic architecture. I’ve worked hard […]

Mariela, Violinist

Mariela is our only exception to our science driven approach; however, she proved to be truly exceptional herself.  Mariela Shaker, born 1990 in Aleppo, Syria, started playing the violin at the age of ten when she joined the Arabic Institute of Music in Aleppo in 1999. She graduated from the institute in 2004 with distinctions. […]